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    Chris Nichols

    If you're having trouble binding your R415x to your transmitter while it's attached to your flight control board, there's another way to bind.

    Separate your R415x board from your flight control board.

    Connect the binding cord to your R415x board.

    Connect a fully charged battery to the binding cord and R415x. At this point the yellow light on the R415x should be blinking yellow.

    With the left joystick on your transmitter pushed in like a button, simultaneously turn on the transmitter power. Once you hear a tone, release the joystick and let the transmitter go through the pairing sequence. You'll hear 10 beeps. Once the beeps stop, the light on the R415x should be solid yellow. Success!

    Disconnect the battery, then the binding cord and re attach the R415x to your flight control board.

    Now your R415x are bound from now on. Every time you want to fly, all you need to do is arm/disarm.

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